The Health and Safety in Employment Act 2015 obliges EBYMBC to ensure activities are carried out safely. This policy has been implemented with our statutory obligations and health and safety objectives in mind.

Contractors conducting business on site at EBYMBC also have a duty to ensure they do not harm any person or damage any property whilst working on Club property.


Before Contractors are approved to conduct business at/on EBYMBC site, the contractor must have either Ship Repairers Insurance or Public Liability Insurance with the appropriate marine cover to the indemnity value of $2 million. A copy of your cover note confirming this is required at the commencement of your registration. We will note the expiry date of that cover and will require a copy of the cover note annually on the renewal of the policy.​

Approval to conduct business, as well as any cards or other access arrangements in place will lapse when that cover expires, and will not be reactivated until a copy of the policy renewal has been provided.

A Contractor wishing to operate on Club premises will nominate a person who will be responsible and accountable for Occupational Health and Safety and the prevention of environmental pollution (Resource Management Act) and is expected to make themselves familiar with Club hardstand rules available from the Club Website.

EBYMBC has appointed Mr. Russel Third (Ph 027 248 2020) as Club Safety Officer to provide you with guidance with regard to health and safety matters on Club property.

All work carried out by the contractor, employees, and his/her subcontractors, shall comply with statutory regulations and their amendments.

The contractor shall provide suitable and sufficient first aid equipment for his/her employees and subcontractors whilst on Club premises.

The contractor shall report all incidents / damage or lost time accidents to Slipway Manager EBYMBC. The Department of Labour, Occupational Safety and Health Division, accident report form or an approved alternative form may be used. Incidents include spills or discharge of hazardous/toxic substances and trade wastes.

The contractor will advise EBYMBC Slipway Manager immediately of any new hazard created during the contract and will take all practicable steps to avoid harm being caused to any person as a result of such hazard.

The contractor has a duty to protect from harm all persons who are in or in the vicinity of their work area.

Slipway Manager EBYMBC may require the contractor to cease work if the terms and conditions of this safety policy are not complied with. This may result in the Approval to Work on EBYMBC premises being terminated and future access denied.


Fire / Ambulance / Police 111

Water Pollution Reports WCC 04 499 4444

Harbourmaster/Beacon Hill 04 388 7795

EBYMBC Slipway Manager 04 939 4169

EBYMBC Office 04 939 4167

EBYMBC Safety Officer 027 248 2020