What are these planned activities?

The Start

We are aware that people do get intimidated at the start of some events when there are a lot of boats in a confined area.  For this reason, we are not going to have a start time when everyone needs to rush off.  We are instead going to have a period of time (probably a 30min window) when we would recommend boats begin their journey.

The Journey

Most of our Club activites have a course set where boats race to pass certain points in a certain order.  That's not happening for the Mishmosh May Boating Series.  This time we are focusing on a journey.  Boats will be given 1, 2, 3 or maybe even more locations to visit during the afternoon, it is up to each individual boat to decide what order they visit those locations and how they wish to get there.

The End

There won't even be a finish line!  To end your journey all we want you to do is return to where you started and let us know if you enjoyed your day.

Are there any winners?

Hopefully we will all be winners when we have a great afternoon on the water.  As for who gets bragging rights... Well that is all going to be done by luck of the draw.  Every individual who participates in the afternoon will go in the spot prize draws which will be drawn at the Club at 1630hrs.  The only requirement is you must be there to collect your prize!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this cost?

Nothing!  The Mishmosh May Boating Series is free of charge.  Just register you are thinking about joining in and then turn up on the day.

Do I need to be an EBYMBC member?

No. We are using this Mishmosh May Boating Series to encourage non-members to come along and enjoy our Club activites.  We are hoping you will enjoy it so much that you will get hooked and become a member in the longer term.