Evans Bay Yacht and Motor Boat Club has a dedicated crew involved in steering the Club into the future.
Meet them below to find why they are involved and what they do around the Club.



Jane has been involved with the Club for nearly thirty years.  She began sailing as a crew on a Laser 2 with her husband Remy which is always a solid test of a relationship. Jane now sails a Paper Tiger, and has been crowned Women's National Champion multiple times.
As Commodore, Jane is ultimately the skipper of the Club and is responsible for the overall organisation and management.  You can contact Jane via


Vice Commodore

Neil, or "Pugwash" as he is known to many, is a Life Member of EBYMBC and has had a long relationship with the Club looking after the support boats that ensure we can safely run club activities on the water.
As Vice Commodore, Neil is in charge of the sailing activities at the Club and you will find him on the water helping run events whenever something is on.  You can contact Neil via


Rear Commodore

David is a dedicated sailing dad who is a Yachting New Zealand qualified Learn to Sail and Learn to Race Coach as well as a keen sailor himself. He has a trailer yacht that he loves to get out on the water and enjoy.
As Rear Commodore, David has responsibility for the operation of the Clubhouse and land based social events including the bar.  You can contact David via


Club Captain

James is a keen sailor who has been involved with boats his entire life. He currently owns a 40ft keelboat named Bullistic. He is also a dedicated sailing dad to his son who has recently started sailing.
As Club Captain, James is responsible for the maintenance of the Club facilities.  You can contact James via


Slipway Manager

Peter has caught the sailing bug later in life, but is making up for lost time with his heavy involvement in the Club. He currently owns and races (at every oppourtunity) a Raven 26 keelboat.
As Slipway Manager, Peter is responsible for the management and operation of the Club's slipway and hardstand area.  You can contact Peter via


General Manager

Ryan, or "Rowdy" as he is known to everyone around here, has spent his life in yacht clubs. A qualified Chartered Accountant, he decided the corporate life wasn't for him and started down the coaching path before moving into yachting administration.
As General Manager, Rowdy is responsible for the overall operation and financial sustainability of the Club.  You can contact Ryan via


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